ROCKWOOL products rated as three-star green building materials in China

ROCKWOOL products received the certification of three-star green building materials in China for environmental production technology and excellent insulation performance.

Energy saving and environmental protection is one of China’s fundamental policies. Developing green building materials is at the demand of energy efficiency and new urbanization. Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology started the certification of green building materials in 2016. It is the environmental assessment on building materials implemented from the national level, with high credibility and authority. To be certificated as three-star green building materials shows the recognition to production technology and insulation performance of ROCKWOOL stone wool products, as well as ROCKWOOL Guangzhou Factory’s efforts in environmental protection and sustainable development.

ROCKWOOL Firesafe Insulation (Guangzhou) Co. Ltd. pursues high quality and energy efficiency. The production process continues to be improved for better influence on environment and greater efficiency of energy use. We also focus on technological innovation and energy conservation. ROCKWOOL Guangzhou Factory takes initiatives in corporate social responsibility, with a host of environmental protection measures complete, such as desulfurization restoration and ultra-clean emissions. These efforts earn us the recognition of local environmental regulatory authorities.

In the Promotion and Action Plan on Green Building Materials Production issued by Chinese government: by 2018 green building materials shall take up 30% of new buildings, 50% for green buildings, 80% for restoration of existing buildings. ROCKWOOL’s certification of three-star green building materials not only facilitates the promotion of brand identity in local building material market, but also drives sales of stone wool products in China.