ROCKWOOL Group observed the 80th anniversary of production on November 15, 2017! This exciting moment was witnessed by staff and business partners around the world.

ROCKWOOL Group is the world's largest stone wool provider, operating 28 factories with business covering 38 countries. Our 2016 sales amounted to 2.2 billion euros. Over the past eighty years, ROCKWOOL has developed technical expertise in stone wool production and application, helping solve severe problems occurred in sustainable development. We offer a wide range of solutions: ROCKWOOL firesafe insulation building materials of excellent performance, Rockfon ceiling panels , Rockpanel exterior cladding of cutting-edge design, ROCKWOOL industrial thermal insulation applications, Grodan hydroponic substrates for higher productivity with less water, Lapinus mineral fibers applied in modern transportation, anti-vibration and water treatment, etc. Our products have remarkable performance in fire protection, noise reduction and thermal insulation, with lasting durability. They are a cost-effective choice of sustainability.

ROCKWOOL’s mission and goal is to release the natural power of stone to enrich modern living. Our stone wool is made from one of nature’s most abundant resources – volcanic rock, and 97% of it is recycled. We solve the problems of development, provide better quality of life and protect the environment.

ROCKWOOL Group is a global leader in stone wool production, standing for the highest quality of stone wool. Our products are widely recognized for their advanced production technology, excellent thermal insulation and professional technical services. ROCKWOOL’s achievements over the past 80 years can never be made without trust and support of our customers. We will continue to explore the mysteries in rock, help improve the quality of life and enrich the modern living while protecting the environment.