ROCKWOOL Group remain committed to sustainable strategy and environmental protection

The current world is facing many challenges of sustainable development: excessive dependence on non-renewable energy, severe climate and environmental crises, food problems, and water resources shortage, all of which are sustainable development problems that needed to be addressed. Meanwhile, with the acceleration of social urbanization, about 1 million people migrate to cities per week, and safeguarding the safety and comfort of the city have become more urgent.

ROCKWOOL Group addresses to global challenges and adheres to sustainable strategies. Sustainability has been at the heart of ROCKWOOL's business activities, including energy efficiency improvement, carbon emissions reduction, the indoor environment amelioration, safe building materials adoption, and durable buildings. ROCKWOOL is committed to its core values ​​of 80 years based on safety, health and environmental management. Starting from the first factory, we put sustainable development, energy saving and environmental protection in the first place, and strived to minimize the impact on the natural and social environment in the production process. We discern the real needs of our customers, apply the best technology solutions to solve our most demanding challenges, help our customers improve productivity and product quality, reduce energy consumption and emissions.

The building products sold by ROCKWOOL Group in 2017 will save 190 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions during its life cycle, equivalent to 80 times the carbon emissions of its production process; industrial insulation products sold in 2017 will save 1.1 billion tons of carbon dioxide emissions during its life cycle, equivalent to 4,000 times the carbon emissions of its production process. We have also set a corresponding sustainability goal. For example, by 2030, we will increase the number of countries providing stone wool recycling services from 5 to 30, and the plant's carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by another 20%.

The realization of the goal cannot be achieved by a single person or company. In addition to energy saving and emission reduction during the production process, we also continuously improve the employees' awareness of environmental protection and sustainable development. Through different forms of activities, employees are more deeply aware of their indispensable role in the global development goals as a member of the ROCKWOOL Group. Improving energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption are not only our most important goals, but also our mission. Let us work together to make the world a better place for everyone!