ROCKWOOL participated Sustainable Urban Development Conference in the 2018 Beijing Design Week

The 2018 Sustainable Urban Development Conference was held in Beijing on September 27th and is one of the important events of the Beijing International Design Week in 2018. This conference will draw on the public's urgent appeals for healthy and liveable cities, face the challenges of current urban development, and invite experts and scholars from regional planning, urban management, architectural design and other well-known enterprises in urban construction to discuss how to improve. The effectiveness of urban public spaces and the improvement of the quality of life of urban residents.

ROCKWOOL is committed to improving people's quality of life and harnessing the outstanding properties of stone wool to help meet the challenges of today's tough sustainability issues such as energy consumption, noise pollution, fire threats, and water shortages. With years of exploration and efforts in the field of sustainable development, ROCKWOOL has established a strong reputation worldwide. At this conference, representatives of ROCKWOOL China were received by the Danish Crown Prince Frederik. Jaczen Yu, Managing Director of ROCKWOOL China briefed the Crown Prince on the overall situation of the Chinese insulation market and the company's business development in recent years.

The energy consumption of buildings accounts for 30% of global energy consumption. Reducing the energy consumption of buildings is the key to sustainable social development. ROCKWOOL China introduced the important role played by ROCKWOOL stone wool in the energy-saving field of new buildings and existing building renovations, and pointed out that stone wool materials can effectively guarantee the fire safety of buildings and help provide superior sound absorption and noise reduction. Performance and improved room comfort to promote a better city life.

This year's Sustainable Urban Development Conference set up a C40 City Group theme forum to discuss the relationship between cities and buildings and how to build a low carbon future. ROCKWOOL revealed to the guests that the city's upgrading of energy, sound insulation and water resources management can enhance the building value, improve the living comfort level of residents, and generate more economic and social benefits.

With the acceleration of urbanization, nearly one million people in the world are flooding into the city every week. In 2030, there are 41 large cities in the world with an estimated population of more than 10 million. The rapid development of cities puts higher demands on urban management. ROCKWOOL believes that the abundant and renewable rock resources in nature are an effective way to achieve sustainable development. ROCKWOOL expects to take advantage of its extensive experience in stone wool applications to better meet the diverse needs of urban development and to provide more assistance in reducing its carbon footprint.