Open Vacancies

Open Vacancies

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We welcome applications for advertised vacancies from motivated, talented people who share our values and are keen to embark on an exciting career with the ROCKWOOL.
Our employees come from a wide range of backgrounds and bring different levels of experience. We expect each individual to embrace our proactive culture and share our passion for the highest performance standards in the insulation and construction industries.

Guangzhou(Huangpu District)

ROCKWOOL now has a stone wool production base in Guangzhou of which annual capacity reaches 60,000 tons. Many offices or sales personnel are based in other major cities, which is to gradually promote the diverse business in China and draw the ROCKWOOL’s strategic map of Greater China. 

Shanghai (Changning District)

ROCKWOOL Shanghai is located in Changning District, Shanghai. Since its foundation in 2002, ROCKWOOL Shanghai has not only set up its sales, marketing, technology, finance and other departments, but also brought in different stone wool products like Lapinus stone wool fiber materials that apply to friction and sealing materials, water treatment, rail systems, coatings and fences, and Rockfon ceiling products that can provide advanced sound-absorbing ceiling and wall solutions etc. All these make the Shanghai office permeated with diverse and unique charm.

Beijing (Chaoyang District)

ROCKWOOL Beijing locates in Sunflower Tower, Chaoyang District. The office is situated in Yansha business area on the East Third Ring, adjacent to the second and third embassy area. Such a favorable and convenient location gives it a sense of hustle and bustle along with quietness. The office design is of Nordic style, simple and elegant. This is a relaxed and comfortable working place for staff to show their abilities.

We are fully confident that employees are essential to our development. A business without competitive employees is like a tree with no root. We are focused on training employees and helping bring out their potentials.

Interested in our job vacancy?
Interested in our job vacancy?

Interested in our job vacancy?