Need help for your project?
High quality service and support

Need help for your project?


Wether you are an installer, architecht or dealer, we want to assist you by providing relevant documentations, training, guides and tools. And if you don't find the answers you are looking for, we are also more than happy to answer your questions in person.


Technical Support


  • Support insulation market with technical services, deliver background information and technology applications of insulation, and provide safe, reliable and comfortable solutions to clients;

  • Carry out research and development of new products and systems, pursue innovation, and pioneer in the advancement and revolution when provide mature products to all related fields and industries;

  • Build expertise in both internal and external insulation, keep the leading position in the technology, and create values for the industry and clients.


  • Technical customer support: Most technical questions are problems emerging from projects or due to the unfamiliarity of product technology and application. TSD can help clients become more informed and make better decisions;
  • Non-standard product assessment: Non-standard products stand for the special technical application. The assessment, conducted by TSD with abundant expertise in technology, control the risks in production, application and other sessions as well as balance the returns;
  • Project specification: The implementation of the project requires the technical specifications on the systems and materials. Their standardization not only complies with relevant laws and regulations of the country as required by client, but also meets the real needs of the project;
  • Technical computing analysis and suggestion: TSD's powerful back-office support system provides designers with a wide range of computational analysis and solutions for reference;
  • Product testing and qualification
  • Product development and planning
  • Onsite technical support for construction
  • Consultants and technical meetings
  • Competitor product analysis
  • System test
  • Technical training